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and sometimes don't have the tools to work with here. >> and it's important to note that nurses have been in a long standing dispute. the sticking points cuts the benefits and sick leave. we are live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also in oakland, a gold rush at the oakland museum of california. police are searching for a stolen artifact worth $800,000. thieves broke in yesterday and made off with the gold rush era quartz and gold box depicting early california. it is closed on monday as is traditional for mu seems. it's the second break in in receipt months. back in november thieves made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. they read the receipt break in is a loss not only to the museum, but the community and the objects convey the heritage and the stories of the people. >> they're took matters into their own hands. police investigating burglary cases in which the would be victims double as crime fighters. in one case the intruder ended up dead. both happened during the day in the east bay city. one on lehman and the other on canyon oaks circle. police say a homeowner
not know garcia. they don't know if saba knew garcia. garcia was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder. >>> investigators are painting a clearer picture of how a petaluma teenager turned up dead in a south lake tahoe snowbank. they say 19-year-old melissa byrne was disoriented when she left a music festival on new year's eve. it was less than 10 degrees that night. a utility worker found byrne's body on january 4th, not far from the concert venue. investigators do not suspect foul play. an autopsy has not been performed. but that could happen tomorrow. tests will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system. >>> gilmore place are looking for a possible child predator on the prowl. this was all playing out south. another driver who saw what was happening drove towards the van and the suspect left. that car is being described as a 2000 model ford minivan. he was described with short, black hair and a long mustache. >>> police say he confessed to killing seven people at oikos university. that was the ruling after a second psychiatrist reported that 44-year-old one goh suffers from par
murder was shocking. >> reporter: also, we saw footage from the interrogation. >> you don't like her? >> yeah, that's evident. that's very clear. >> how would you classify your dislike for her? >> what do you mean? i just dislike her. i don't -- >> i mean, do you hate her, do you want to see something bad happen to her? >> no. i just want her to stay away from my child. >> reporter: he describes her as cooperative but annoyed. >> it's always with missing persons, you're never doing enough. >> reporter: the police worked with michelle's family as they worked tirelessly to find her. >> it was more the -- like i say, the family putting it out there, getting it on social media and things like that, and it became a national story. >> hopefully one family out there who has a loved one missing won't feel so alone. >> reporter: now, the family members have not talked with the accused killer and said there's no desire to. but some of them say what's moving them forward is keeping michelle's legacy alive by helping other families. >> stephanie, thank you. it was difficult to watch. and janell
that house. they don't have a motive for the shooting. there were 46 homicides in san jose last year. more than any year since the 1990s. >>> and on the peninsula police are investigating the shooting of 16-year-old girl. the tooen was shot saturday night in millbrae across the street from cappuccino high school. it is a rare instance of gun violence in a relatively quiet area. the girl is in stable condition. police don't know what pro veked that shooting and so far have not made any arrests. >>> restaurant and bar owners near the shark tank are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. the nhl lockout is finally over and that means hockey is returning to san jose. a deal was reached just in the nick of time because we were just weeks away from the whole season being scrapped. comcast sportsnet is here with the details of the deal and hopefully what it is that was that one thing that brought them together to the table. >> they just needed to work some things out. they say good things come to those who wait so hockey fans count on a very good season. after 113 days, it appears that nhl lockout i
looked outside my sister's pounding to check who it was, and it was some guy, i don't know, looking very suspicious. and he kept looking around. and then he looked up, and i went away from the window. >> reporter: a short time later she heard a huge slam, and then silence. when she came downstairs, she spotted two men trying to come inside of her house, one of them possibly armed with a gun. >> i didn't know what else to do. so i just opened up my window and kicked out -- kicked out. i kicked out the screen. and sat on the roof for a bit. >> reporter: the home on the east side of town was one of four homes broken into just yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. in one, thieves made off with five guns. two teenaged suspects are in custody for one of the burglaries. police say now more than ever, people should know their neighbors and report any suspicious activity. >>> there is a good chance you got an extra blanket on tonight. the big chill is here. temperatures are dropping fast. some areas in the bay area expected to reach freezing. the cold blast, combined with some rain, is prompting
.s. at the age of 3 says he knows the threats don't rep the majority of people who disagree with him on gun control and he's had similar experiences before. two years ago, he publicly disagreed with conservative talk show host rush limbaugh and as a result, yee received threats against his life. >> when you get death threats and you get threats about, we'll send you back where you came from, even though i have been here for 50 some odd years. it is unnerving but it is something that you have to live with. >> as for his bill, it did not pass last year. the senator said the newtown, connecticut has really changed the climate for gun control so he is optimistic that it will pass this time. he expects a full vote in the senate in the next few months. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. once again, a gunman took aim in aurora, colorado. this time in a townhome not far from the massacre. police were called to a townhouse there where they said a man barricaded himself inside. then fired at officers, keeping them at bay for about six hours. they stormed the house and found four people d
that, they don't make enough mun naoney to qualify to pay the rent. some places, $1,200, $1500. you can't do that. >> provide low income housing for need and special disabilities keeping the rent low. they are scraping for every dollar. that's why it is so upsetting to renters and staffers. learned a former employee is charged with stealing men knee frknee -- money from the agency. >> the santa clara district attorney says this woman 62-year-old faked hundred of documents and created elaborate stories to convince hip to pay for made up repairs at a former hip property in oakland. and bell, a facility's administrator pocketed the money over a five year period. >> the most troubling part. that those resources, could have been used to serve the population. just particularly sad that they're the ones who are -- going to suffer as a result. >> the da's office says bell faked buying special ied plumbing material. hip reimbursed her in full. >> what she is stealing from us. from us, that she is stealing from the people that are working hard. two, three, four jobs trying to make it to support t
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Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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